Why do you need Ethos College if you started the Process Already?

Even though the 2016 recruiting cycle is well underway, that doesn’t mean that its too late to get started. We are hearing from coaches in almost every sport who are still looking for quality recruits! We have built our company into the go-to recruiting company and the leader in the industry. Ultimately, college recruiting is big business so having an expert in your corner is very smart! Even if you have started the recruiting process already – working with us definitely makes sense! Some of the benefits of working with us even if you have started the process are 1) Uncover which are real opportunities and offers fast! 2) Getting even more opportunities from our network 3) Having experts negotiate your scholarship and award packages 4) Having experts manage the process to ensure you are doing everything well. See why! Don’t you or anyone waste PRECIOUS time hoping that everything works out well. Even at this stage – we can still uncover massive opportunities as we have coaches still coming to us looking for quality recruits! If they would like more info, anyone can contact us directly at info@ethosrecruiting.com for more information and to setup a time to... read more

Happy New Year | 2016

Everyone at Ethos College wants to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! With our current recruits heading back to Spring semester in a few weeks, our 2016 recruits preparing to graduate from school, commit, and begin preparations to become a 1st year college student athlete, and the addition of even more clients/recruits that we will be working with – 2016 is going to be full of excitement! We are always excited about the results we are going to provide to our recruits in 2016! We have increased the # of schools and coaches in our network to over 1,200 colleges and universities and now have over $60,000,000 USD in scholarships for all of our recruits thus far! We are honored that you have chosen us to help you with this exciting step in your life and look forward to helping more incredible student athletes in the future! Feel free to connect with us to learn... read more

Ethos on the Road in 2015

Ethos College doesn’t rest in 2015 and is hitting the road starting in early January!   We are looking forward to our first trip of the year as it takes us to three locations. January 16-18 – Ethos College will be at the NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia.  The world’s largest soccer coaches organization’s yearly convention where we can connect with college coaches from around the US.  We are lucky to be a partner with this great organization, stay tuned to see our latest episode of our show – The Chase with Ethos College! Jan 19th – We have a stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland, where we will also be later in the week. Jan 20-22th We will be in Oslo, Norway, where we will present at both campuses of NTG and meet with current and future recruits.  We are also excited about a few other meetings we are hopefully confirming soon and will update everyone on! Jan 23-26 – Return to Iceland, presenting at several schools and clubs.  We also look forward to being part of our 2nd Thorrablot, which is a Icelandic tradition, being held at Fylkir.  We had a great time last year “partying” with several former professional footballers, the current Mayor of Reykjavik, and other unique personalities!   A trip to Iceland would not be complete with at least one stop at Bæjarins beztu pylsur, the world famous hot dog stand in the country’s capital. We are already planning upcoming trips every month for the remainder of the school year! If you are in Iceland or Norway and want to meet with us while we are there – please contact us at... read more

Welcome to Ethos College

We are excited to welcome you to Ethos College, the leading college recruiting company in the world.  As we have continued to present at more schools around the world and talk with more interested families, the need to expand our recruiting services into other sports became more and more evident.  As we have expanded into basketball, tennis, sailing, track and field, and other sports, we felt that we needed to find a name that didn’t limit ourselves in that endeavor. Because of that, we wanted to find a name that signified our mission for academics first was one that would take us to the next level.  We now have experts in all sports working with us and providing expertise that will allow us to continue our level of performance (100% of our recruits have received an offer). Our motto of Motivate. Educate. Graduate, also clearly defines our mission.  In order to be successful as a student athlete, one must be motivated in going the extra mile to be successful on the field, the court, in the pool, etc.  We help ensure that all of our athletes are prepared and motivated to make the transition to college – Motivate.  Since the academics leads this entire process, the real reason you are going to college is to get an education – Educate.  Lastly, no matter how good you are in your respective sport, the degree you get upon graduation will take you much further in your life than sport usually does – Graduate. We will continually update our blog with great features about our travels, info about schools, and other great posts about various... read more