Even though the 2016 recruiting cycle is well underway, that doesn’t mean that its too late to get started. We are hearing from coaches in almost every sport who are still looking for quality recruits! We have built our company into the go-to recruiting company and the leader in the industry. Ultimately, college recruiting is big business so having an expert in your corner is very smart! Even if you have started the recruiting process already – working with us definitely makes sense! Some of the benefits of working with us even if you have started the process are

1) Uncover which are real opportunities and offers fast!
2) Getting even more opportunities from our network
3) Having experts negotiate your scholarship and award packages
4) Having experts manage the process to ensure you are doing everything well. See why!

Don’t you or anyone waste PRECIOUS time hoping that everything works out well. Even at this stage – we can still uncover massive opportunities as we have coaches still coming to us looking for quality recruits!

If they would like more info, anyone can contact us directly at info@ethosrecruiting.com for more information and to setup a time to talk!