Ethos Sports and Education is a full service college recruiting company that is revolutionizing the way to get scholarships. Our focus is always academics first, keeping mind the right social parameters, all while ensuring the right competition level of all of our recruits.

Because of this we work with 100s of international schools, prep schools, and other educational and sports organizations worldwide helping student-athletes find the right fit.

We work with student-athletes in all sports and provide a free pre-assessment, through one of our experts and scouts in each respective sports, for any athletes prior to working together.  Our pre-assessment will ensure that you have the ability to compete at a college level.

Our process is proven and gets results…FAST!

Here are all of the countries (and sports) were we have worked with our Ethos Sports and Education recruits:


  • United States (Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Baseball, American Football, Track and Field)
  • United Kingdom (Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Golf)
  • Canada (Men’s and Womens Soccer)
  • Iceland (Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Track and Field, Sailing)
  • Norway (Men’s and Womens Soccer, Basketball)
  • Netherlands (Men’s Soccer, Baseball, and Field Hockey)
  • Belgium (Men’s Soccer and Field Hockey)
  • Sweden (Women’s Soccer)
  • Germany (Men’s and Womens Soccer)
  • Spain (Men’s Soccer)
  • France (Men’s and Women’s Soccer)
  • Italy (Men’s Soccer)
  • Ireland (Women’s Soccer)
  • Malta (Women’s Soccer)
  • Serbia (Basketball)
  • Mexico (Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Basketball)
  • Guatemala (Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field)
  • Brazil (Men’s Soccer)
  • Ecuador (Men’s Soccer)
  • Colombia (Men’s Soccer)
  • Honduras (Women’s Soccer & Tennis)
  • India (Men’s Soccer)
  • Singapore (Men’s Soccer)
  • Indonesia (Men’s and Women’s Soccer)
  • Australia (Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Basketball)
  • New Zealand (Men’s Soccer)
  • Philippines (Men’s Soccer)
  • Taiwan (Women’s Soccer)
  • Thailand (Men’s Soccer)
  • China (Women’s Soccer)
  • Hong Kong (Men’s and Women’s Soccer)
  • South Korea (Men’s Soccer)
  • South Africa (Men’s and Women’s Soccer)
  • South Sudan (Men’s Basketball)
  • Zimbabwe (Men’s Soccer)
  • Zambia (Men’s Soccer)
  • Japan (Men’s Soccer)
  • Curaçao (Men’s Soccer)