How Ethos College Gives Back

Ethos College believes it is important to give back and offer opportunities to those that are in difficult situations. We are dedicated to help those that need our help!  Because of that, we have created a charitable partnership with Passing Hope, a non-profit that uses soccer (and sports) to provide hope to the less fortunate.

Through this partnership Ethos College has created three ways in which it helps:

1) Monetary Donations

Because we understand that it is difficult to execute projects without funding, Ethos College has pledged a monthly donation of  5% of our revenues which will go directly to Passing Hope to utilize for programs in conjunction with Ethos College

2) Programming

As we travel all around the world for our business, we visit countries and cities that have serious financial and social issues.  Ethos College will provide free sport camps and coaching clinics, and/or provide sports gear to those groups and organizations that can benefit.

3) Scholarships for Ethos College Placement Program

Ethos College excels at finding college scholarship opportunities for its clients, however, we also know there are many talented and smart student-athletes that would never be able to afford our services, not to mention a college education.  Based on need and skill assessment, the Ethos College team will provide a scholarship for our services and will work to find substantial scholarship awards to allow the dream of being a college athlete to become a reality.

Current Scholarship Athletes

Noe Franco | Guatemala

Noe is a goalkeeper and a member of the Guatemalan Women’s National Team, who plays for Unifut in the Guatemalan 1st Division. She is a very talented keeper, who would not have the ability to play at the college level without the help of Ethos College.

James Luk | South Sudan

Luk, a 6’10″ Power Forward from South Sudan, is an incredible and dynamic athlete who can play at the highest level in the US College Game. He was provided a scholarship to attend the Dankind Academy in Kenya and now is working with Ethos College to find the right college fit.