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Ethos College is a boutique college recruiting company that has revolutionized the college recruiting process!  We have close personal relationships with almost 1,300 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, including all of the top academic institutions in the US.  Our focus is finding the right athletic fit for each of our clients, while ensuring that academics is always kept priority.  Our exclusive network of schools has allowed us to obtain over $140,000,000 in scholarships for all of our recruits!  We are the global leader focusing on the right academic and social fits for our clients!  Join the Ethos College Revolution TODAY!!
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“They hit the bar academically, they hit the nail athletically, and to have such a perfect match has been phenomenal”

Paul McGinley

Head Men's Soccer Coach, Trinity University (NCAA D3)

I just wanted to thank Ethos College so much for everything you’ve done for me!!! Can’t thank you enough!  Would have never been able to do this on my own!

Elva Björk Ástþórsdóttir

2015 Recruit, Mississippi State University (NCAA D1)

“This is all happening!  I wanted to thank you for all the help you provided me. If it was not for Ethos College I would never be on my way to this new exciting life!”

Natalia Reynisdóttir

2015 Recruit, University of Massachusetts Lowell (NCAA D1)

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Former Ethos Sports Recruits

Nicholas Grinde

Nicholas Grinde (2014 Recruit) received a full ride scholarship to play college soccer for Cal State Northridge (NCAA D1).

Paulina Peñagos

Paulina Peñagos (2014 recruit), a Honduran National Team member, will be competing for the Trinity University Women’s Tennis team and will be working towards her degree in Business Administration.

Alf Johann Egge

Alf Johann Egge (2014 Recruit) from Stavanger, Norway, will be attending D’Youville College (NCAA D3) in Buffalo, NY to begin his education to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

Fleur Maarse

Fleur Maarse (2015 Recruit) received a substantial scholarship to play college field hockey for St. Louis University (NCAA D1).

Jonah Adomakoh

Jonah Adomakoh from Ardingly College (2015 Recruit) received a scholarship to play college soccer for University of California Santa Barbara (NCAA D1).

Hugrún María Friðriksdóttir

Hugrún María Friðriksdóttir (2015 Recruit) received a full-ride scholarship to play college soccer for University of Minnesota (NCAA D1).

Ethos College Around The World

Ethos College is proud to have worked with over 100 International Schools, Prep Schools, Sports Clubs, and Federations around the world.  Our team prides itself in meeting and spending time with all of our athletes.  From Asia, Europe, North, Central & South America we tirelessly search for great students, kids, and athletes.

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We understand how important the right social setting can be!

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Ethos Recruiting can help you uncover more scholarships than any other company in the world!

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