Other Areas of Focus

1) Emerging or Club Sports

If your sport is not an official NCAA or NAIA varsity sport, Ethos College can still help.  There are many emerging sports such as Rugby and Team Handball, which might not be officially sanctioned sports, are still played at the college setting through a club sport.  These teams in many cases act like official sports, traveling to matches, participating vs other colleges, compete for national championships, and in some cases offer athletic scholarships.  We can help manage the process as well, finding clubs that are a good fit for you.  The level of these clubs is very high and with our expertise we can help find realistic opportunities.

2) Non Sport Programs

Although our focus is athletics, we also can help if you are looking to attend university in the US on a college scholarship in areas like Cheer, Dance, or even Band.  We have experts and consultants in our network who have experience at the college level in these areas.  We can work with you to ensure you have everything during the process with tryouts, portfolios, and other important requirements to get seen and be “recruited” in areas outside of sports.

3) Academic Services

As we travel around the world, we understand that there could be locations and even schools that do not offer guidance for students in the college identification process.  Since we focus highly on the right academic and social fits, we can help those students who are just wanting to navigate the process to find the right US or Canadian universities to study at.   For more information about our Academic Services, please email us at info@ethosrecruiting.com.