Ethos College, the industry’s leading college sports recruiting solution, is excited about our partnership with the Welsh Schools’Football Association to assist their student-athletes in their path to continue their education in the U.S. and playing football at the University level.

Ethos College has direct relationships with over 1,200 Universities in the US and Canada, and has secured well over $115.0 m in scholarships for their recruits. Ethos College has a trusted network of coaches, which includes all of the Ivy League schools and top academic schools in both the US and Canada.

“We are excited to partner with Welsh Schools’ F. A. and help provide their student-athletes with another option when it comes to their education and their ability to continue their career within their sport” said Christopher Campasano, CEO, Ethos Recruiting. “Ethos College takes pride in ensuring that every athlete we work with receives opportunities that fit their academic, social, and sporting needs, in that order! As many have done for years, we look forward to opening more doors and providing better opportunities for many more athletes to come.”

John Mann, chair of the Welsh Schools’ F. A. commented “The Welsh Schools’ F. A. is extremely pleased to be able to work with Ethos College to promote opportunities for players from within the Welsh Schools’ F. A. system to further their desire to play competitive football and combine it with their education.”

“The opportunity to travel, study and experience life in another country whilst playing at a high level is not something that should be passed over lightly. We will be actively encouraging schools and colleges to promote these opportunities throughout the course of the coming academic year and we look forward to hearing from many students about their experiences in a few years time.”

Ethos College is excited about what this partnership will bring and look forward to helping as many student athletes achieve their dream of playing college soccer in the US!